Home Owners
On Well Water

Recommended Water Tests for Existing Home Wells
(nonpublic water systems)

Minimum testing - Total Coliform Bacteria/E. Coli Bacteria Buy Now!

Suggested Frequency - Annually (alternating seasons)
(if there is a history of previous postitive samples, more frequent testing is recommended)

Other reasons for frequent testing:
- open or dug well
- unusual episodes of diarrhea especially among visitors to the home.

If taste, odor, color, or turbidity (cloudiness) is a problem;
or if other water quality problems exist (see chart) additional testing maybe necessary.

Aditional chemical testing is also warranted if the home is located:
- in a heavy industrialized area
- near gasoline service stations
- machine shops
- dry cleaners
- near a hazardous waste source or a landfill
- if nearby houses have reported problems
- if you feel your water has some unusual taste, odor, or color.

R&J Labs can advise you on what specific tests to have performed.
Our Lab as well as your local health officials may also have a record of water quality problems in your region and can offer information and advice.

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