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Know your H2O

Get To Know Your H2O - (Water Testing)
Often asked questions:

1. "I drink bottled water...I don't need testing."

Ans.: Your bottled water has to come from somewhere. It could be a reservoir, well, spring or, believe it or not, another city's water in a pretty package! Whatever water you are currently drinking should be tested periodically.

2. "If my city / town / village water is not ok, my municipality would alert me to problems."

Ans.: Each water system is unique. Unless the water company draws their test water directly from your faucet YOUR drinking water has not been tested. The plumbing and faucets in your home will contribute unique components to the water as it comes into your home. In addition, the water company (municipality) ads chemicals (disinfectants, buffers, coating agents, etc.). The concentration of these chemicals may vary in each household.

Did You Know...

All U.S. Municipal water comes from large sources of water such as lakes, rivers, or reservoirs.

Boston area residents on municipal water presently obtain their water from the Quabbin reservoir located in western Mass. The Quabbin reservoir is a flooded valley where the remains of four towns still lie (at the bottom of the reservoir)

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