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Problems Chart
Use the chart below to identify your water problem

Complaint or Observation
Common Signs / Situations
Test Recommended
"Hard" water Large amount off soap requirred to form suds. Insoluble soap curd on dishes and fabrics. Hard scaly deposit in pipes and water heaters. Calcium, magnesium, manganese, and iron (may be in the form of bicarbonates, carbonates, sulfates orr chlorides) Hardness Test
Rusty colored water Rust stains on clothing and porcelain plumbing fixtures. Metallic taste to water. Rust coating in toilet tank. Faucet water turns rust colored after exposure to air. Iron or manganese, or iron bacteria. Iron Test Buy Now!
Manganese Test
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Bacteriological Tests:
• Standard Plate Count (SPC)
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• Iron Bacteria
"Rotten egg" odor Iron, steel, or copper parts of pumps, pipes and fixtures corroded. Fine black particles in water (commonly called black water) Silverware turns black. Hydrogen sulfide gas, sulfate-reducing bacteria, or sulfur bacteria. Hydrogen Sulfide Test
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Bacteriological Tests:
• Standard Plate Count (SPC)
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• Sulfur Reducing Bacteria
"Acid" water Metal parts on pump, piping, tank, and fixtures corroded. Red stains from corrosion of galvanized pipe; blue-green stains from corrosion of copper or brass. Carbon dioxide. In rare instances, mineral acid, sulfuric, nitric, or hydrochloric. pH Buy Now!
Langelier Index
Cloudy turbid water Dirty or muddy appearance. Silt, sediment, microorganisms. • Turbidity Buy Now!
• Total Dissolved Solids
• Total Coliform (TDS)
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Check well construction with local well driller.
Chemical odor of gasoline, fuel oil Well near abandoned fuel oil tank; gas station. Leaking underground storage tank. Volatile Organic Chemical Scan, Hydro Carbon or B Tex Scan or specific fuel component analysis.
Unusual chemical odor Well near dump, junkyard, landfill, industry or drycleaner. Groundwater contamination, underground injection Organic chemical scan, heavy metals analysis.
No obvious problem Well located in area of intensive agricultural use. Long term use of pesticides and fertilizers. Test for pesticides used in area, nitrate test.
Recurrent Gastro-intestinal illness Recurrent gastro-intestinal illness in guests drinking the water. Cracked well casing, cross connection with septic system. Bacteria (Coliform Test), nitrate test. Buy Now!
Sodium restricted Diet, salty brackish, or bitter taste Well near seawater, road salt storage site or heavily salted roadway. Saltwater intrusion, groundwater contamination. Chloride, Sodium, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Buy Now!

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